Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just A Quick Update

I have not had time to work on my blog as I have been stitching like a crazy lady. I am working on a "Queen Of Stitching" picture on my side-bar. I am about 1/3 way finished. This pattern has lots of color changes so it holds your interest.

I plan to list my rotation list this weekend (that is in the works as I do not have a rotation schedule as yet). I am so glad I found you wonderful wise stitchers to motivate me to get organized and get stitching all those patterns that I have stacked in my stitching closet. I am so motivated and impressed with your blogs and stitching! Ohh .... someday I hope to be a member of your select top shelf status.

We have had tons of rain for the last two days (great stitching weather).

Keep up the good work. Check my blog often as I plan to jazz it up.

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